Powder Room Makeover (One Room Challenge: Week One)

Powder room transformation in 8 short weeks. Welcome to week one.

"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life." - Elsie de Wolfe

The One Room Challenge is back for another season and I have loved working through this challenge for the last few years, as motivation to get a room finished!

For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a big challenge where participants can share their room transformations.

It’s a fun way that everyone can share a design project and hopefully help inspire others along the way.

ORC 2023 Family Bathroom See below

Powder Room Before

The powder room in the existing house was beyond bleak and creepy and was the ONLY toilet in the house.

As we renovated the entire house, it allowed us to completely rework the floorplan to make it work for us. I am thankful to say we now have a family bathroom completed as part of  ORC ‘23. 

Once we build out master ensuite this bathroom will be dedicated to hte kids, I wanted to add a powder room to the floorplan so I didn’t need to worry about cleaning the family bathroom everytim we had guests.

The old sleep out area has been transformed into an open plan dining room, pantry and powder room, with hallway which will eventually lead downstairs – yet to be built.

The Plan

Our house was built circa 1915 and is a beautiful Queensldander, I wanted to lean into the era of the house and create a glamorous art deco style bathroom. I honestly believe you can be more creative and have more fun with colour and style in powder rooms and pantries. Most of my house is relatively neutral but  I had a vision of a powder room which had the perfect balance of glamour, sophistication and tranquility with a hint of heritage. I want it to be an experience as opposed to just a toilet. I have created a mood board on pinterest, collecting the styles and colours I was looking to achieve. I have splurged on one item in this room and will reveal more later, but other than that we have worked towards a very tight budget.

The Color Palette

I want to create a mood, with a nod to the era of the house, in a very sophisticated decadent way.  I plan to colour drench, I love this approach as it softens any lines, reduces noise and can make small rooms appear larger.


Make sure to follow us on Social media where you can follow along as we take create a powder room in the next 8 weeks. Here’s an idea of what’s to come and I will add the links as the weeks progress.

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