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The kids and I wanted to put together a little something special for Grandma and Grandad for Valentines day and as Morning teas are often shared together they thought a coffee gift pack would be perfect. You can view the full pack here.



Any good coffee cup needs a coaster so we decided to DIY them.


Originally we planned to use plywood and cut a shape, paint then and decorate but then I thought a simple tile would do the trick.


Bunnings had a few different colours to choose from but we opted for white as we planned to decorate them.


Using the Cricut Design program the kids and I selected the design we wanted to use. It’s important to note that we had to select ‘combine’ and ‘Weld’ to cut the pattern as one design. This ensured it fitted perfectly on the tile and the two tiles were consistent.


Cricut design space

We chose the same Vinyl as we had used on the mugs to ensure they matched the set and hit ‘make it’


I cut the Vinyl and placed it on the mat and my Cricut Joy went to work. 

Cricut Joy

Once cut I used the Weeding tool to remove the vinyl I no longer needed. Peeled the back from the transfer paper and adhere the clear tape ontop of the hearts. I used the scraper to ensure your design was adhered to the transfer paper and remove the backing sheet from the design. This Vinyl was quite stubborn so I used the Weeding tool to carefully remove it from the vinyl sheet and onto the transfer paper.

cricut design

I wiped the tiles with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oils and let dry.

Cricut design


I placed the transfer paper with heart design on top of the tiles and used the scraper to ensure it was adhered to the tile and removed the transfer paper.


To finish I added Surface Guards felt pads to the bottom of the tile so they’re more user friendly used some twine to tie them together as part of the pack.

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