Fall in Love With Your Home Again with these 5 Tips to Transform Your Home on A Budget

Everyone deserves to have a home they love. Whether you’re renting, owning, on a budget or have limited time and skills there are always things you can do to make your house a home.

Wanting to upgrade your home but you don’t have the budget?

Here are 5 budget friendly things you can do to transform your home.




Tip One: Do It Yourself


You’ve probably figured this out already – if you want to save some money then you have to be prepared to get your hands dirty. For any work that requires a licensed professional, you should ALWAYS hire one – electricians, plumbers, roofers etc.

However if you’re planning on painting, tiling, landscaping, or flooring then get at it. I will caution you to at least practice and educate yourself if you haven’t done it before, as you don’t want to be staring at wavy tiling for the next 5 years!


Tip 2: Paint


Oh the wonderous world of paint!! You can literally change the feel of an entire house with well chosen paint colours.

This goes for cabinets not just walls – consider the cost savings in painting your cabinets rather than replacing an entire kitchen – heck people are even stenciling floors and painting countertops and tiles. There are so many options to transform your space with some elbow grease and a tin/can of paint!,

Don’t forget the ceilings, often people just paint the walls but sometimes the ceiling paint is old it can make the wall colour look a little different than intended. Same goes for the trim. e.g. if you have cooler walls and your trim and ceiling are an almond white or a warmer white then this will change the look of the room.


Tip 3: Plug in Lighting / Battery powered lights


Lighting is also a great, low cost way to add sophistication to your bathroom or kitchen as you can find plug in options you can install them yourself.

Changing cabinets

    Tip Four: Change Hardware and Door Handles 


    This can be an inexpensive way to change the aesthetic of a room. Big drama for minimal cost.

    Once you have them broken down it’s time to share it with someone else to help drive accountability.


    Tip Five: Upcycle

    You can find just about anything on marketplace these days and with a little sweat and sanding/painting you can make most things look great again. We have recently installed 3 sets of bifold doors in our house, all of which were second-hand. two are wood and are in great condition so after they were cleaned up, stripped and sanded, they look amazing in our newly updated sunroom – we still need to build the deck so they’re doors that go nowhere (for now) but by upcycling them it saved us literally thousands and allowed us to install doors we may otherwise have been able to afford.

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