DIY Valentines Gift Idea for Under $40

valentines gift

Needing some inspiration this Valentines? The kids and I wanted to put together something special for Grandma and Grandad. They love sharing morning tea together so we thought a little coffee pack would be the perfect gift for them.


What’s in the box


Personalised Mugs (click here for the full blog – coming soon)

2 mugs which I picked up from Coles and personalised using my Cricut Joy. I added a cute decorative heart line leading from one cup to the other, it is valentines day after all.


DIY Coasters (click here for the full blog – coming soon)

Believe it or not these are Tiles!! Yes, you heard that right. I was in Bunnings the other day (it’s a weekly occurrence) and I had been looking for some plywood to make the coasters but had the idea that I might be able to use tile instead. It would save me from cutting, sanding and painting and they have a lovely enamel finish. There were quite a few colour but I knew I wanted to personalise it so I opted for a simple white tile.


The kids had picked a vinyl they liked and they wanted hearts so I made it happen using my cricut Joy, I also picked up a set of surface guards from Bunnings and added them to the bottom of the tile to make them feel more like a coaster and less like a tile.


Mini Cabinet (click here for the full blog – coming soon)


I found this in the mini cabinet in the hobby section of Bunnings. I was planning to use it for something else but I thought it would be the perfect final addition to the gift pack and we could fill it with all of their favourite chocolates and coffee pods. I sprayed the mini cabinet using Dulux Chalk spray paint in white. I was planning to add a vinyl to the interior walls but decided I liked it painted and felt it would be perfect in mums pantry as it was.


I love how it turned out, we have added some lindt balls and coffee pods but you could add tea bags or biscuits or other accessories.


I’d love to now what you think.

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