Birch Map of the world all the Way From the Ukraine

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Map Wall Art

I am excited to share with you my latest piece of art, which shipped all the way from Ukraine.

I have just unboxed it, I really wanted to share it with you so you can see the video below. I was emotional as I opened the box, considering this beautiful artwork had been packaged and shipped from Ukraine. You can’t help but feel the strength and beauty in every piece.

Let me share a little about the company. Enjoy The Wood is a Ukrainian company established in 2014 and they make these wonderful maps in a variety of styles, each is made out of birch plywood and they come with this lovely sheet of badges so you can pin each location you have travelled to and lived in.

You may not know this but Derek and I met in Canada; he’s Irish and I’m Australia; we were married in Malta; and we lived in Canada, UK, USA and now Australia so I look forward to finding the perfect, renovated wall to put this beautiful piece of art on from Enjoy The Wood. We have discussed putting it in the hallway as we really want it to be a focal and a talking point.

We have looked through all of the badges and know we will spend hours reminiscing over wonderful memories as we place each badge. This to me is what art should be, it should invoke an emotion, a feeling and I’m so excited to install it.

You know I will be sharing more on this beautiful piece so stay tuned for the installation.


If you’re looking for a really unique gift then this would be the perfect present for your family or friends who have memories to share from across the globe. Enjoy The Wood ship World Wide.

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