How to Create a Beautiful Porch

A beautiful porch is a wonderful way to connect the outside in. Often it can be a forgotten area of the home, a dumping ground for bikes, bags or whatever else you’re bringing home.

Maybe it’s time to brush away the cobwebs and take back some of the forgotten spaces of your home, starting with the porch.

A beautiful porch can set the tone for your house and create a welcoming space to either relax or entertain.

So, where do you start? You can do a lot to create a beautiful space without doing any major work.

Take stock of what you have to work with.

My mums’ porch that, we recently made over, had great bones. The first thing we did was clear it out and remove all of the furniture and gave it a good clean.

Other than some patching and painting, there really wasn’t a whole lot of work that was needed.


A lick of paint can be truly transformational. Consider a colour that sets the tone for your house and how you want to use your porch.

Don’t be afraid to use an accent colour to really bring your porch to life.

We chose Dulux Paints for this project

  • Pale Vallum at half strength for the walls
  • Vivid white trim
  • Ironbark


Time To Decorate

Once you’ve created a canvas for your porch it’s time to warm up the space using furniture and decor that brings it to life.

You don’t need to, if you don’t want to, buy new furniture to update your porch. You can upcycle an old piece with paint, stain or strip it.

Click here to view the tutorial from a recent upcycle project where I stripped and bleached an old piece of furniture.

My parents had an old pair of cane chairs that they love and wanted to use. They have had these chairs for over 25 years and they’re in great condition.  No point wasting good quality furniture so we painted them and they’re no perfect for their porch.



I always like to start with the furniture. Plan out your porch. Do you plan to entertain? If so, how will you accommodate your guests? is there room for a table, or do you plan to create a comfy cozy feel with couches or a porch swing?

My parents’ porch is really for relaxing, a greeting or coffee area as you have some lovely sun in the morning.

My mum loves green; hence the colour scheme, and we used a fun print to add personality to the porch.

Don’t forget to add a rug to cozy up the space.

Porch makeover

Front Door

Consider adding a pop of colour or a feature out of your front door. Let your personality shine and let your front door be a glimpse of what’s to come inside.

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