Do You Want to Know How we Transformed My Parent’s Laundry For Under $300?

We recently updated my parent’s laundry on a budget. Let’s see what we did.

The back area near the laundry cupboard had been an add-on or closed in at some point in the last 100 years, but the exterior wall and window had been left, leaving it to feel very disconnected from the rest of the house and less than inspiring place to do laundry. 

We opened up the hallway and added a header so we could create a walkway rather than a doorway.

Hallway AfterHallway AfterHallway BeforeHallway Before

We had to replace the ceiling and added VJ boards and painted, giving the room a complete refresh.


Laundry BeforeLaundry Before

Laundry AfterLaundry After

Laundry Makeover for less than $300


We wanted to make the laundry area more functional for mum and dad. To achieve this we did the following;

🧺 We removed the standalone sink.

🧺 We added a new wood countertop (acacia sold hardwood project panel) with a drop-in sink

🧺 Built shelves under the sink and a door out of the leftover project panel. We added a magnetic door catch

🧺 Installed Tiles

🧺 Installed a shelf to store laundry products


My parents are loving the new look. We managed to DIY this for them on a budget so thought this may be helpful to others.

Laundry Cupboard Magnet DoorLaundry Cupboard Magnet Door

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