Halloween Snack Plate Ideas The Kids Will Love

The Spooky season is upon us, our snacks don’t have to be as scary as our costumes.

I love decorating and creating seasonal treats for my kids, and getting them involved in the process.


What do you Need?

* Melting Chocolate

* Sprinkles

* Tray 

* Wax Paper

* Strawberries

* Marshmellows

* Decorative leaves and Spiders

The most important ingredient in this Halloween snack board is chocolate and some imagination. 

I made these treats with my 2 year old daughter. My other 2 kids (3 & 5) were so excited by the sprinkles and eyes.

Ghostly Chocolate Strawberries

Choc Mallow pops

Ghoulish Choc Bites

Having a fun party this halloween. Style a spooky table with me.

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