DIY Kids Bathroom Renovation – Week 3

I’m slightly terrified that we are at weeks 3 already. We had a slow start and there have been the inevitable delays but we still forged on and made some progress.

This week we moved all of the sheets up and into the bathroom (sounds easy but it was very heavy and awkward as we had to hoist them up in what will be the stairwell so it was a tight squeeze.

We were lucky enough to have a lift to use – we found it on marketplace and it’s been worth it’s weight in gold as I struggle with some of the heavy lifting.

I’ve added some more detailed updates below.


Week 2 Recap

 Recap from week one below

bath tiles blue

Fun Floor Tiles


Bathroom Tapware

bathroom design board

Here is the overall design plan

Renovating? And unsure where to start or how to organise your rooms and budgets. Check out the Budget tracker and reno, design and flipping resources

 What else is going on?

What’s not going on 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

There is so much we are working on as we transform out 2 bed / 1 bath home into a 7 bed / 3 bath + 2 powder room home 😱