renovated bathroom

How in the world are we at week 8!! This will be my last update on our parents bathroom as part of the One Room Challenge.

To check out details of the challenge go to Oneroomchallenge.com


3 Reasons you will fall in love with this bathroom

1. It’s light and airy.

The bathroom is located in the middle of the house which means there’s no natural light. We opted for a light and bright finish to reflect light so it feels fresh and inviting. We also added a door with a glass panel to encourage light

2. Modern finishes with a traditional flair

Being that this house is a Queenslander and it’s over 100 years old, it’s important to be sensitive to the age of the house and keep the design consistent whilst delivering all of the modern amenities. By adding the floor tiles and VJ’s on the wall there a seamless transition back into the rest of the house.

3. Modest and Functional

Being that this room is smaller we opted for a pedestal sink (still yet to arrive) and removed the bath to allow us to fit a very important element back into the room – the toilet!!


So let me give you an update on what happened next!

The beauty of a small room is that things go quickly, we demo’d the bathroom pretty quickly but had to down tools for a week as we thought the board under the original tile was asbestos and turns out it was.

Luckily the asbestos removal crew were available to come in fairly quickly so once that was taken out we could finish up demo and start with tiling and painting.

I’m so in love with how this turned out for my parents. It’s light, bright and is perfect for them.



I’ve also started to design our downstairs toilet – here’s a little recap of where we are on our own home renovation. 

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